About us


Bunyan specialized contracting is considered one of the distinguished Saudi companies and classified according to its studied policies, these policies were based on scientific foundations and realistic solutions. Bunyan has specialized in the presence of a growing ambition to achieve major achievements and move towards a flexible business strategy, Bunyan seeks to have a leading role in the general contracting sectors to emphasize its mark on the sector, which is reflected in the size of projects that have been completed during the past years by a group of scientifically and practically qualified engineers with experiences and skills that qualifies them to excel in the field of work.


satisfying our customers is our first priority, through our superior professional quality, reliability, honesty, transparency, clarity, innovation, creativity, speed of performance, implementation, and developing the skills of our technical and administrative staff.


providing distinguished services and creating an integrated work environment, which is invested in the highest human capabilities and expertise and reinforced by the latest globally applied engineering and scientific technologies.


to be one of the leading companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that contributes to the development and modernization of the field of work that we do, through successful planning, careful implementation, innovative performance, high quality and commitment to start and end dates in order to achieve vision 2030. to invest our experience and values of growth at all levels in order to become pioneers in the global market and provide engineering excellence to customers and achieve the highest level of value by adhering to best practices in terms of governance and transparency. We strive to establish our position as a leading company and partner in the construction, development of projects and business excellence.